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You will find here my biography and some pictures

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Nicolas Mégias, born on July 13, 1974. At the beginning, my mother dreamed that I would become a famous and admired singer, but she had to put her dream on hold when my deafness was detected by the doctors. The cause of my deafness was related to a medication prescribed by a doctor when I was about 6 months old.

My parents were of course concerned about how I would be able to attend a school adapted to my needs and, my father being of Spanish origin, my parents moved to the city of Granada (Andalusia, Spain). I was placed in a school for the deaf run by nuns. But as I had been mistreated by these nuns, I did not want to go there anymore and my parents returned to Switzerland. It was there that they learned on television that a school / boarding school for the deaf existed in Moudon, north of Lausanne. 

No sooner said than done: I was enrolled in Moudon and met two future great friends: the twins Lionel and Frédérik Vauthey!

Very quickly, a common point brought us together: the passion for drawing. Encouraged by our teacher, we drew a lot and progressed through our mutual emulation: it was enough for one to discover a new drawing technique for it to be taken up and improved by the other! Over the years, Frédérik developed the most in the field of comics; he moved on to pen drawing while I remained at the grey pencil stage.

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Nicolas Mégias dipl. EPAC comic strip in 2000
(Professional School of Contemporary Arts in Sion)

The beginning of its activated is very varied: creation of logos, advertising images, flyers, creation of

website, editing of films and plays.

Since 2003, he collaborates regularly with the magazine of the Swiss Federation of the Deaf

(ex. Let me know)

His first participation in the Clin d'oeil Festival in Reims (France) dates from 2005. He presents his drawing for demonstration with the idea of publishing his drawings for the deaf world in the future.

His first comic strip publication began in 2007 with Sourds and Quiproquos no 1. The following numbers appear as follows: no 2: 2009, no 3: 2011,
no 4: 2013 and no 5: 2015. He won a prize at the festival des Mains de Cristal 2008, Romont (Switzerland)

Sordos y Malentendidios (in Spanish), published in 2010. The drawings are by Nicolas Mégias, but

he did not take care of the editing of the book himself.

Publication of his comics in German: Gehörlose und Irrtümer no 1, 2 and 3 in 2015.

The Maison des Editions Wanimas-3D and whose owner is Nicolas Mégias was created in 2016. Why is that? Because there are already 8 books published

and we are planning more, as the sales are so good! We dream of being independent.

Deaf and Confusions (English language) no 1: 2016

The First Deaf Expo in Lausanne takes place in 2016,

and is organized by Yolanda Fürst. A second edition will take place in 2018. More information on : Expo Deaf

In 2017:

we are celebrating 10 years of Deaf and Misunderstandings no 6!

Suite de Sourds et Quiproquos: no 7 in 2019
and Gehörlose und Irrtümer: no 4 in 2017 and no 5 in 2019. Obtained the recognition award from the SGB-FSS in 2019. In 2020, change of holder at Editions Wanimas-3d: it is now Yolanda Fürst. She has been working as a volunteer since

a long time already. She takes care of financial, organizational and secretarial matters. Nicolas, he prefers to deal with products intended

for sale and designs.

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